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“TRIVENTO BOLD DISCOVERIES”. Brave Spark Productions. Michael J. Ferns. 2020

“CURRYS PC WORLD”. iSITE TV, Richard Barnes. 2018

 “ADIA” Tatata Space, Nathan Craig. 2018

“HIVE SMART HOME” Visualise. Jason Glenister. 2018

Annalise Garcia, Sightline, Denmark Studios, Keith Thomas. 2018

“OLYMPUS” RAW London, Louisa Wells.

Seller's Wife at KEYSTONES PROPERTY, View 35 Films, Tom Ruddock. 2018

Lead Female, ACTION ON HEARING LOSS, UK Campaign, Wallbreaker Productions, Luke Winter. 2018

“HEELS AND YIELD (H & Y)” Emma Lightbown Styling, Earl Wan Photography. 2017

“KINGS COLLEGE HOSPITAL, DUBAI” Atticus Creative, David Rolland, Juston Wood Photography. 2017

“COMPASSIONATE EYE FOUNDATION”, Kelvin Murray Photography. 2016

“CONSENTYX, BPH Productions, Gary Salter/Ben Hills. 2016

“ROOT VANISH” by KAZUMI, SYS London, Fardi Mohamed. 2016

Roulette Croupier, COMEON CASINO, JSR Agency, Jamie Stephen. 2015



“JURASSIC WORLD: DOMINION” Universal Pictures. Colin Trevorrow. Granjera. 2020.

Avery Francis, XENUS Trailer, Sad Dinosaur Productions, Dominic Read. 2015


“Navidad Maribel Yébenes” Prod.: Black Panther. 2021

“The Silence” Luis Hindman Pictures. 2018

“GRASSLANDS” X64 Films, Harry Crossman. 2018

“HER” Ealing Studios London, Francesca Marinangeli. 2015.

“LOST IN TRANSLATION”, Olof Media, Che Grant 2014

“WELCOME TO THE CLUB”, Acting Productions, Patricia Chavarri. 2014

“Freelance Films, Diana Garcia. 2013

“ONCE, NIC”, Benat Beleza. 2013

“THE INTRUDER, NIC, Julie Cesar Rodriguez. 2013

“ANY WORSE IS POSSIBLE”, Independent Films, Alfonso Esteban. 2012



“ THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA”, Cervantes Theatre STC, J. de Juan. 2018

“Los Ojos de la Noche” Spanish Theatre Company London. Simone Coxall. 2018

“BLOOD WEDDING”, Cervantes Theatre, STC, Jorge de Juan. 2016

“THE CHALLENGING TIDE”, Technics Theatre London, George Eugeniou. 2016

“SEVEN SECONDS”, Random Order Theatre Company, Peter Neatly. 2015

“ ELOISA IS UNDER THE ALMOND TREE”, Spanish Theatre Company, Jorge de Juan. 2015

Serafin “333999666”, ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS London, Aniko Kuikka. 2015

Generosa, THE HISTORY OF A STAIRCASE, Spanish Theatre Company, Paula Paz. 2015

“ANNA KARENINA, CSSD, Stephanie Schonfield. 2012

Sarah, 4.48 PSYCOSIS, CSSD, Stephanie Schonfield. 2011

Andrea (Lead), IT IS NOT THAT EASY, Metropolis, Fran Calvo. 2011

Carol, CENTRAL PARK WEST, Metropolis, Clara Cossials. 2011

Nina/Ophelia, IN THE MID BLEAK WINTER, Metropolis, Clara Cossials. 2011

Nurse, THE FAMILY? FINE, THANK YOU, Tilo Stylo, Belen Anguas. 2009

Berta, MAGIC STONE, Tilo Stylo, Belen Anguas. 2009



AMY McDONALD, Woman of the World, Chris Turner. 2018

Slow Motion Woman, JANE HORROCKS / COTTON PANIC MANCHESTER INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Favourite Colour Black, Christopher Turner. 2017



“VODAFONE UK” Mr. White TV, Simon Friedberg. 2018

“JANSSEN” Toffee Hammer Productions. (Green Screen / autocue). 2018

“LIDL UK CAMPAIGN” Outsider TV, Jim Gilchrist. 2017

“BODY SHOP”, Bear Jam Productions, James Hilditch. 2016

“ROOT VANISH” by KAZUMI, SYS London, Fardi Mohamed. 2016



Presenter, DREAMS, THE DOCUMENTARY, Roll it Films, Susannah Lane Bragg. 2014



Middle Eastern Teacher, Caia Images, Miran Goisel. 2018

Business Woman, CEF, Rob Daly. 2018

Hand Model, BARCLAYS , Lou Lou Productions. Jo Hoskins / Kim Gilll. 2018

City of London Business Woman, BLOOMBERG, NextShoot Productions, Dominic Sutherland. 2017

Mum, CEF GETTY IMAGES, Natasha Alipour Faridani / Rob Daly Photography. 2017

“COMPASSIONATE EYE FOUNDATION”, Kelvin Murray Photography. 2016

Victim, RJC, Catsnake Productions/ London Council Max Hemmings. 2015



Interpretación para Cine y Tv con Juana Macías. 2021

Film Acting Workshop – Central de Cine – Javier Alcina 2021

Metrópolis Escuela de Interpretación (3 años).

Entrenamiento actoral Adam Black, discípulo de Harold Guskin (NY).

Central School Speech & Drama. Londres.

Interpretación ante la cámara Tim Kent, Actor´s Studio. Londres.

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